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Captain Mike's Tournament Triumphs: Leading the Way to Victory

Captain Mike Mitchell has not only mastered the art of catfishing but has also established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive world of catfishing tournaments. Over the past several years, Captain Mike has demonstrated his unparalleled skill and unwavering determination, consistently securing top honors and proving himself as a leader in the field.

With a string of impressive tournament successes under his belt, Captain Mike has showcased his ability to navigate the Tennessee River's waters and locate trophy catfish with precision. His track record of triumphs speaks volumes about his commitment to excellence, making him a trusted figure in the catfishing community.

Join Captain Mike and SouthernCats Guide Service on a journey where tournament-winning strategies and expert guidance come together, ensuring that you have the best possible chance of landing the catch of a lifetime. Whether you're an aspiring tournament angler or simply seeking adventure, Captain Mike's tournament victories are a testament to the exceptional experiences that await you.

large catfish caught on a sunny day on river

2024 Tournaments

MRM Bama Blues 2024 ~ 1st and Big Cat

2023 Tournaments

  • King Kat Sweet 16 ~ Santee Cooper, SC ~ 4th place

  • North Alabama Catfish Trail Wheeler ~ 1st and Big Cat

  • Catmasters ~ Wheeler Lake ~ 4th place

  • KingKat ~ Paris, Tennessee ~ 2nd Place

  • KingKat ~ Sheffield,  Alabama ~ 2nd Place

  • KingKat ~ Shreveport,  Louisana ~ 3rd Place

  • KingKat ~ Decatur,  Alabama ~ 3rd Place

  • KingKat MS Challenge ~ 1st and Big Cat

  • Alton Classic ~ 3rd Place

  • KingKat ~ 2nd Place Angler of Year

American Catfish Assoc. Div. 1 ~ Points Race Winner

Alton Classic ~ 6th Place

Twisted Cats New ~ Madrid, Missouri ~ 1st and Big Cat

Twisted Cat Championship ~ 4th and Big Cat

Twisted Cat ~ Big Fish of Year 97.48 Pounds

The Catmasters ~ Caruthersville, Missori ~ 2nd Place

North Alabama Trail ~ Wilson Lake ~ 1st and Big Cat

North Alabama Trail ~ Wheeler Lake ~ 1st and Big Cat

North Alabama Trail ~ Big Fish of Year 83.25

King Kat Cape ~ Girardeau, Missouri ~ 3rd Place

MRM Memphis ~ 10th Place

2022 Tournaments

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